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    What is Night Valley?

    Night Valley is a collaborative project built around bringing people together through weird and unique media we create and share.

    Check out our Discord and hang out with our creators and community. You can also find all the contact information and archive info you need here. Enjoy :)

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    What is Night Ride?

    Night Ride is a late night sci-fi broadcast station bringing weird content to light and telling unique stories. It takes place on a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy named, Planet X. Your hosts Ika and Flux deliver great content from all sorts from all over the verse. Tune in, find your new favorite show, and get to know Ika and Flux live every other Saturday night!

    Who is Night Ride?





    If you want to contact the network for any reason, please email us at:

    If you want to contact Night Ride for any reason, please email us at:

    If you want to contact Strange Trek for any reason, please email us at:

    If you want to contact Elizabeth for any reason, please email her at:

    Night Showcase

    Night Showcase is our premiere segment showcasing amazing things that not only our community can make but those out there on the internet. Showcasing amazing creators such as Vinesauce and Amie Waters this spotlight shows the absolute best there is.

    If you want to have your own stuff shown here or have any suggestions reach out to use at


    Hijacked is totally not a show created by us. It's actually just our signal getting hijacked. We don't know who does it.. but they just show really spooky and weird videos. We'll figure this out some day but for now.. we'll buff up our security to try

    You'll be lucky if you can catch this phenomena live on air. Try not to be too scared until we figure it all out.

    Night Ride: PreShow

    Night Ride: PreShow is the show before Night Ride starts! It's filled with music, interviews, and chatting. An hour long live event before the big show begins.

    Lost Night

    The crisp night air, warm breeze, and stars twinkling in the sky. It's a nice night on this island, but it looks like we're lost..

    With landmarks changing, the only thing giving us direction is the moon above. It's not like we're running late to anything, so might as well enjoy the sights and sounds.

    There's got to be some interesting things out there so why not take a look around.

    Who knows what, or even who we'll find out here.

    Lost Night is created by UltimiaSeth and airs on Night Ride. More stuff on Lost Night is coming soon.

    Always On.

    We'll find out soon...